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Minimetron 2020 for the Poljanci junior group

Minimetron 2020 for the Poljanci junior group

The Croatian center in Vienna awards this year‘s Youth Culture Prize Minimetron to je junior group > Mladi Poljanci


The Minimetron Youth Culture Prize is awarded every year. The Croatian Centre in Vienna awards it to groups, cultural projects or single persons.

Mladi Poljanci have created special posts for children on the YouTube channel JIGT (jačiti, igrati, govoriti, tamburati) under the direction of Julia Kornfeind, Martina Špiranec and Lukas Kornfeind. The idea for this came during the lockdown and was meant as an alternative for children to sing or play the tamburica at home. Finally, more than 30 posts were created and published in which various topics and customs throughout the year were presented, such as Christmas, Easter or Mardi Gras.


JIGT on YouTube
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